Some work from school

All of these are works in progress.

This was for Photoshop class. We had to collage together various scans of fabric to create a summer scene. The boy and the monkey are from an encyclopedia on the events of 1970, and I had to color them because they were originally in black and white. The rest were embroidery with various filters or color gradients applied to make them look more like a naturalistic scene.

This is for Intro. I guess severed limbs are becoming part of my style.

For Adobe Illustrator class, we had to make a building to demonstrate our knowledge of shapes, grouping, and color swatches. I created the double curve on the onion dome by layering two circles over the dome and turning them the same color as the sky, and the arched windows with more circles over rounded rectangles. The soda bottle is a stretched circle. The crescent moon is two circles, slightly displaced. The chain link fence is a group of rounded rectangles. The pennant string is a warped ellipse. I went crazy with the curves.

For Adobe Illustrator class we also have to design a pattern. This is one I did today, inspired by the "Monkey Vs. Robot" song. Oh crap, I just realized the video was made at Coney Island!

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