Last from class -- Alphabits

There was this really annoying girl in my class. She was loud and complained about everything. One day she shouted at me when I had headphones on, wanting to use my scissors. Then she complained to her friends that she felt like she was in kindergarten. I was inspired to use crayons on this project because she annoyed me so much.

The professor wanted us to redesign the Alphabits cereal box using only type. It had to be fun and creative, too. Unfortunately, eating Alphabits for breakfast comes dangerously close to being in school when you're a little kid, so it ranks rather near raisin corn flakes on the fun-o-meter.

When you're young enough to be eating Alphabits, you don't KNOW any good curse words yet, and your mom would yell at you anyway if you tried to spell them out.

I racked my brain thinking up what I enjoyed about learning to write and read as a kid. I decided that the best part was that learning to write was like drawing. You got to scribble around and make cool shapes. I decided to make a crayon rubbing of the cut-out Alphabits letters, so that things were scribbly and childlike yet still legible. Later, I decided to superimpose the cut-out letters on the rubbing, to make the letters stand out more.

Originally, I had also diagonally glued a scrap of notebook paper with childlike penmanship on the whitespace, but my professor hated it. I thought it looked cool and dada, but he complained it made no sense in the design. I had added it to drive home the point that my design idea was about little kids learning to read and write.


Some more from class

This is a collage for my first project, which was to create a figure out of characters. He is a Xerox dog. I like the bad-copy textures on the D, but my professor wanted me to blacken them for my portfolio.

This was for my second project, which was to design a sign for a Coney Island business. Have you been to Coney Island lately? The only rides left are the Big 3: the Wonder Wheel, the Cyclone, and the Parachute Drop. It is not very inspirational, to say the least. Before, it might have been run down, but now it feels completely gutted.

Looking at this drawing reminds me of how much I hate working in color. I have no knack for it. I had fun with the inking, though. I had to rush the building and the professor hated it.

This was my third project: redesigning the Ford logo. I haven't been keeping up with the news, but I'm pretty sure Ford is heading the same way as Coney Island...I tried to set that aside as I created this. I wanted to convey the ideas of grace and speed, which are things I like about riding in cars (to be honest, I hate cars and don't even have a license). Originally I had the single Garamound f with the road stripes substituting for the crossbar, but I decided that was too confusing, and added the little flash across the f to adequately express that the f was a letter and not just a weird curve. It also makes the logo less static, I think. I had to use the copier's negative function to create the black, because my markers weren't giving me an even color.