Horrible Things That I Do In My Apartment

I fire off my cap gun while on wild Boylan soda binges. Total depravity.

I set up idols to Dagon in grimy kitchen nooks.

I also have an altar set up for some manner of disgusting bird god.

Worst of all, I don't watch my TV. How will I know what's going on in the world? How will I ever keep up with "Dancing With The Stars"?

And then I create unholy objects out of Play Doh...


Hunter College Work

In the past 5 months, I've graduated with my Associates, moved to Manhattan, and continued on my education at Hunter College. I don't have access to a scanner or digital camera anymore, so recording my work digitally is a lot harder. Here are some scans and photos of my projects from my Advanced Drawing class.


Sonic the Hedgehog Collage

This project was a photo collage, my choice. Well, I had some ideas like doing the slums of the Jetson's neighborhood, but things were really complicated and I didn't have a sketch yet, so I decided to work off a screen shot. That way, I didn't have to come up with the composition myself. Everything here is a photo except for the blue sky and water. The file was pretty big for one of my stuff (~200 mb). I guess all those sick days I took in 5th grade have paid off. Thank you, Sega.

Photoshop Book Cover

I don't think Penguin would ever accept this, but I had a good time creating the Moloch collage monster.

The idea for this project was "New York City", and you can't get much more New York than the Beats. Not to mention, I'm feeling pretty beat myself.


Cat Got Your Tongue?

These are 4 T-shirt concepts I created for my Adobe Illustrator class. We needed to illustrate an idiom, and I chose "cat got your tongue?", because it seemed like a good visual idea and I also seem to be good at drawing cute animals and severed limbs. It was my first time really drawing with Illustrator, and I liked how easy it was to reposition shapes or change colors. Even changing the thickness and shape of the linework was really easy, though I had less control over thick-thin transitions than with an actual pen.


PANEL Magazine layout: Final

This was my class project for Publication Design. I did the layouts and covers in InDesign CS4, the logo in Illustrator CS4, and edited the cover images and some of the cartoon guys in Photoshop CS4. So you can see, you can consider Publication Design my college's gift to Adobe software.

My original concept for this project was a magazine focused on cartooning and comic books, targeted at young cartoonists such as myself. My professor encouraged me to broaden my audience by also discussing pop culture news, like the latest comic book movies and toys.

I did NOT create any of the content, including photos, drawings, and the article itself. The authors of their respective work reserve their rights to it. Also note that this is not a commercial publication, but a project for class.