Dysfunctional Animal

Meet everyone's least favorite Pokemon.

He's kind of like a dog, and kind of like a giraffe.

The shading was the more interesting thing for me, though. I tried to imitate the sort of dingy, scratchy hatching I saw in Mad magazine 10, 15 years ago. I think it was Mort Drucker...the guy who did 6 page long movie satires every God damn month. Every panel was full of dead-on caricatures and funny little bit characters and puns and throwaway gags. He was the sort of guy who made Charles Schultz (one comic, every day, until the day he died) look like a lazy bum.


My MSPAINT comix are drawn nicer than this

A little thumbnail comic, just to get me into practice.

This morning I woke up early to go over to my friend's house, where I've been keeping my bike. I'm learning how to ride and I don't know much of anything about bikes, so I've been keeping it over there where I can get help and advice.

Text of panel 6: "Oh you're up early." "Ah jeez, the cat puked all over."

And he did. The little bastard.


Hmm...newspapers, bums, and dreadlocks...

No particular theme that day.

I tried drawing the newspapers and shirt on the living room table, but I got really frustrated and started drawing bums. Those folds are God damn complicated!

Gano is a real graffiti artist out here. I admire his work. He usually does nicer tags than my crappy brick wall thing, but I didn't want to sketch in anything fancy. I just wanted to draw a tag, and he immediately came to mind.

The little monster and the DORK tag are also based on graffiti I've seen out here.

Pippi was fussing with her hair Monday afternoon. She looked very peaceful.


That Darn Chair

Mysterious objects in this drawing:

1. The big lumpy thing in the foreground is a laundry bag
2. The strings on the floor are a single, long telephone wire
3. The black foldy thing on the chair is a pair of pants
4. The black boxy thing is a guitar amp
5. The flowy thing beside the chair is a curtain
6. The rectangle-thing above the couch is a towel hung over a set of curtains
7. The fan-thing near the couch is a glass bowl
8. The dark things near the amp are black sandals


Draw realistically day

Screwed up her chin. I nailed the eyes and nose though. Score!

That table's geometry is not of this plane.

Fuck you, chair.

Everything here is a little wrong, so I can pretend I was going for a style.

Somebody pointed out to me that this table isn't perspectiveless so much as proportionless.


Monkey Eating His Own Tail

An Israeli guy calling himself Jack @ this forum I frequent called TNL, he asked me to draw this back in January.

Looks more like Monkey Sucking His Own Cock.

But you can kind of see his sac in front of it. So it's ok.