I hate Christmas

However, I've been assigned a Christmas card project in 2 separate classes. Joy to the world!

This was the third version I painted of this damn scene. I had to make the colors very saturated so it could copy well, but I don't think it made for a good picture.

This is for Quark. I'd like the photo's colors to be flattened down to black, white, and blue, but I've been having trouble getting it right.


More school stuff

This is a detail I scanned from my Brooklyn Book Fest Poster. I'd hve to digitally stitch the whole poster together because the scanning bed is too small.

My Typography prof wanted me to use this scribbly frog design for my latest project. The frog is a P that turns into an R when he sticks out his tongue and eats a bug.

This got completely screwed up when I accidentally got red paint on it, and tried to remove it.

This is the finished witch. I think I don't like the black marker strokes. Maybe next time, I can brush on the black with poster paint or ink.



This is an incompletely colored drawing I did of a witch. I'm thinking of doing some Halloween cards to sell at Everything Goes Book Cafe.

This is a copy of the inking job I did on my Illustration project. It's the same project I was discussing in my recent post on inking. It is currently fully colored, but the copy machine didn't do such a good job of preserving those colors, so I'll be taking a photo of it soon. Unfortunately, scanning it isn't an option yet.

This is quite ancient. Remember when I entered the major fair poster contest and placed second, and was going to take a photo of my fully colored poster? Well, I never got around to it until just now. But that OTHER poster I was just talking about, you know...that'll be TOTALLY different!

Here's a sketch for my next Illustration Style project: a poster for my college's EcoFestival. New York has an annual City of Water day that promotes green initiatives in the city. There are actually kayak launches all around NYC. A boathouse in Manhattan even provides free boats and training. I went to a session once or twice, but I just wound up arguing with my friend a lot and drinking too much afterward.

This is a...version...of my Computer Art ad. I say "version" because I actually did half the design on a copy machine, instead of using Quark. It's really frustrating to me that I only have 4 hours of class time to work with the program. Computer lab hours are going to increase soon, though, so I'll have my pick of time slots.

Here is a bad photo of my completed watch design project. Notice how the flash is artistically reflecting off the glass!

These are some sketches I did for my latest Typography project. We have to transform one letter into another, and tell a story with it. Here I am, transforming a Bookman typeface-inspired P into an R, by making the letters into a stylized frog. I used Bookman because I had a sheet handy showing all the letters and numbers in that typeface. It's the same one I used for my Brooklyn Book Fest poster, and some of the watch designs.