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Top left. That's Pippi!

Fishy Car Purple Door Jesus Christ


Cacophony at Snug Harbor

Cacophony...what the hell? See, this was a performance/protest at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, so-called focal point of the arts on Staten Island. The site has become gutted of most of its "culture" (such as it is on Staten Island). Yet they have this big-ass party every year called the Neptune Ball, to congratulate their donors. So these arty types from Sicolab decided to protest outside by making lots of noise and playing instruments and making art. Hence Cacophony. Coverage here.


More Staten Island street art

More stuff from class

So the bunny picture from April is finished. Trees are scary!

I'm so used to drawing in cramped notebook margins, I have to remind myself not to crop things unnecessarily. Like the top of this guy's head. I like to draw ear whorls accurately when I'm sketching from life. They're not particularly important to establish a likeness, but everybody's is different.

Our drawing classes have thrown us into the deep end with nude models. I had a hard time with her. I couldn't seem to get everything down within her 15 minute poses, and then she'd shift a little for the next round.

The naked guy was somewhat easier. I walked into class late, but I basically had this drawing done by the end of my first 15 minute session. Once again, I cropped out the figure unnecessarily.

I don't think this is as good as the first, but the pose is leaning less and he has some feet.