More stuff from class

So the bunny picture from April is finished. Trees are scary!

I'm so used to drawing in cramped notebook margins, I have to remind myself not to crop things unnecessarily. Like the top of this guy's head. I like to draw ear whorls accurately when I'm sketching from life. They're not particularly important to establish a likeness, but everybody's is different.

Our drawing classes have thrown us into the deep end with nude models. I had a hard time with her. I couldn't seem to get everything down within her 15 minute poses, and then she'd shift a little for the next round.

The naked guy was somewhat easier. I walked into class late, but I basically had this drawing done by the end of my first 15 minute session. Once again, I cropped out the figure unnecessarily.

I don't think this is as good as the first, but the pose is leaning less and he has some feet.

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