Massive Creatures Project

I went to the Really Really Free Market yesterday. It's a monthly event (3rd Sunday of each month) in Manhattan (Judson Memorial Church, 55 South Washington Square) where you can pick up really really free stuff, eat some really really free food, get a really really free haircut, etc. While there, amongst other things, I picked up a collage packet from this art collective in Bushwick. They were also running the free tarot readings.

Anyway, they are encouraging people to use the packets to create art and mail it back to them for a roof top showing. There were many different packets, but I chose the one with the creepy monkey.




Scenic Bayonne, New Jersey

I was goofing off yesterday and decided to test the flash on the camera by taking a night shot of the Bayonne Bridge. It came out jet black, naturally.

But I really liked the little pin points of light in the picture and decided to fool around with it a little more.


We got a nice camera

Which means that my pictures of my projects will no longer be grainy and blurry (lighting may still be dodgy). Hooray!

These are some happy crochet critters made by my housemate.

This is a cool dragon trophy created by Steve from Every Thing Goes.

This is a sketch I made of a chalk mural I was planning for the crappy plaster on my wall.

This is the actual mural.