Chateu de Dada

Welcome to the Chateau de Dada.

Here, have some of the house wine.

Grab a marker and recycle some art.

Or maybe you'd be more interested in a hands on approach?

Cats, like art, are quite useless.

This man doesn't know how ugly he is.

This woman is reenacting an old Japanese wood block print involving an octopus.

You can see video of some art recycling right here, at the Chateau de Dada, an event featuring collaborative collage, creative destruction, video viewing, John Cage on VHS, and delicious cheesecake.


mcampbll said...

John Cage was actually very handsome in person, the digital manipulation in the video doesn't do him justice. He was such a creative genius. I like what Alan has been saying the past week- that Cage and Duchamp were best friends despite their great age difference. So what is the problem with the artists on Staten Island? Was happy to see various ages at Ch√Ęteau de Dada working away together!

Anonymous said...

It does my heart good to know that Day de Day and its Chateau are holding forth, holding on, molding forms, forming molds and moldering onward in its considerable and multitudinous forms of dynamic, creative-destructive-generative originality! Staten's Islandness couldn't be in better hands. Or feet.