Even more GameFAQs Requests

My drawing request topic on GameFAQs.com got some more posts from the kids and weirdos over there.

Applepieman3 suggested I draw "a woman with large breast lifting weights, but the weights aren't normal weights, they are large pieces of ham."

DrFail asked me to draw him, but I have no idea what he looks like, so I drew JD from "Scrubs" instead. He doesn't have a beard because I hate the beard he has this season and I'm going to pretend it doesn't exist.

Punisher1 held true to the Internet's unsavory reputation and asked for a naked Smurfette.

SecuROM_ asked for some "anime-style" characters.

I don't really hate anime...that much.

A bunch of other people asked for stuff, but I decided to be lazy and ignore them. Maybe I'll get to them later.

EDIT: Friend and MrZopo both wanted me to draw them, and they got what-for. MrZopo in particular is proof that I occasionally watch anime, since I drew him based off of my weak remembering of Mr.Popo (how did he EVER get past the censors?) from DragonBall Z.

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