Crocheting from Life

This is also Pippi. She is crocheting a critter. I drew her face using the "don't look at the paper" method, and it worked. Then I tried to draw her hands and the wrinkles on her fleece using the "obsess over every detail" method, and it didn't work so well.

Some practice for the top drawing. I like hands, and trying to draw them while she was crocheting was a challenge. I exaggerated too much. Wrinkles are worse, but I think I did ok and am even surprised by how well I captured the form of her leg underneath the clothing. You can see an earlier drawing I did of the wrinkles in pants here.

As you can see, I did the first drawing on the back of the second. I once showed a teacher from Snug Harbor my sketchbook, and she told me not to draw on the backs of pages in case I want to display a drawing by itself. Well, I listened to her for a while, but then I decided I never display my drawings like that, I just scan them. But it looks like it's still a good idea, since the paper in this book is so thin, having drawings on both pages doesn't scan well.

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