GameFAQs requests, cooperation-style

I sometimes take drawing requests on GameFAQs.com if I'm feeling bored and want a challenge (you can see some others if you click the "GameFAQs" label on the sidebar). This time around, I decided to take the first 4 requests and chunk them into a single image. It's easier than coming up with 4 separate images, because in that case, you need to create a context for each one, and it can get kind of overwhelming if you're impatient like me.

So far I've done 5 rounds of drawings. They're often quite sloppy because I was trying to get them down as quickly as possible.

Round 5, a wooper fighting a bear over a shot gun, and that guy from The Offspring eating pretzels, fighting a giant pineapple monster with a ribbon sword, while underwater...Requests from geeoe, the moonlight knight, Cosmic, and da_gee_man:

Round 4 was me eating hands in the middle of a Zerg rush with a pear tree in a partridge. Ideas from Chimpy 4 (it was a slow hour) and HyperRyun:

Round 3 was a hamster riding a penguin while smoking a cigar that fires lasers that turn into flapjacks, with the Spy from Team Fortress 2 disguised as a penguin about to backstab the hamster. Requests from Valkskorn, twinkie daddy, DR583V3, and Lloyd1992:

Round 2 involved a giant catgirl (meganeko HAHAHA) wielding a giant frying pan and a jetpack, a raptor on rollerskates with a flamethrower, a macaroni cheesecake eating a slurpee with a fork, and the user LastExile...yeah. See. Ideas from Lastexile0, the moonlight knight, KageShinobi, and Googloplex.

Round 1 featured a dinosaur, the Heavy from TF2, and the Tank from L4D on a barbecue grill, with the dinosaur firing lasers and the Heavy attacking the Tank, and they're all talking on headsets. Thanks to RE4penguin, pizzaman95, Lifeless, and bigtwo.

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