My Adventures with Mr. Scarrimoncci

This is what I did to the Massive Creature collage packet.

I really did wake up late for class today. I decided to work on the packet so the day would not be a total waste. I have been super meticulous working on my design project, which is simple black and white, no drawing, only geometric shapes. This is...the total opposite.

My housemate has created several small homemade books out of fabric, and I used to create comics, collages, and zines when I was little, out of composition notebook paper. I also had in mind my MSPaint comix (being deliberately primitive) and my cut-up project. Finally, I had read Art Out of Time some months ago, and my favorite comic out of the bunch was Jack Mendelsohn's "A Visit to the Circus", from his Sunday comic, Jacky's Diary.

The covers are Entenmann's cake boxes.

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