Breaking in the new sketchbook

My old sketchbook is full, so I cracked open the new one I got as part of a figure drawing set from the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop.

What do I mean the? They have a shop on every damn floor. What the fuck?

This is a quick and dirty sketch of the recent good times I had in a hospital waiting room. Dude got his face busted up. Girlfriend wasn't happy. Those weird boxy things in the background are vending machines.

Hospitals want 90 cents for a single-serving sized bag of chips. It's how they keep you off junk food.

These are for the St. George contest. The first princess I drew looked uncomfortably like a man in drag, but the Snow White lookin' one is alright. I plan on making her look more...mm...? Yeah. Like that lady...with the nice house...and stuff.

So I was going over paintings and crap of St. George, and I saw one particular relief of the princess wringing her hands over the battle. I thought it was funny because she looked so self-satisfied. You know, like a James Bond villain. Like she thought it was totally cool that this guy was killing an animal for her. I know that if I saw a guy fighting a dragon, I'd be freaking out.

Since the theme is conflict resolution, this Princess is all like, "Jesus Christ! Stop that! You're going to kill each other!"

The little boy sitting next to her is me.

Then we have a lot of battle sketches. I was doing my homework like I said, and almost all of the images are really sexual. You've got a big fucking horse towering over a coily dragon with a gaping mouth, and big God damn St. George is lancing it in the head. It's barely even metaphorical.

I had trouble getting the horse and rider right. It's pretty frustrating.

I was pretty happy with this one until I noticed that one of the horse's knees is the wrong way around. Also, St. George needs armor and I'll probably give him little rubber tube legs in the final drawing, because his muscley ones are a big bother. Especially since I didn't want to give him stirrups.

Now I'm not happy with it at all. I suck!

I really like the limbo position I hit upon for the dragon. This'll almost certainly go into the final, as-is. Maybe I'll mess with the horse's legs to frame the Dragon's limbo bend better.

This is me being drunk and stoned and fooling around with posing. I like these pages too, even though they're pretty sloppy.

He looks more like a cougar, actually. Rawr.

Somebody said he looked like a fox. They're fucking crazy. I think furry fandom has ruined him. Everything looks like foxes now.

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