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Open Mike night at a local coffeeshop. This was drawn on the back of a flyer while being bored by the musicians. About 3 or 4 acts came and went, including a fire breather. I was obsessed with getting the old crazy guy right, so I ignored the firebreather and didn't draw anyone.

This is Pikadeth. He's a user on GameFAQs & created "Pikadeth's Playhouse", a series of topics which have lasted 6 years now. His mom is really proud.

This is probably my first attempt at a landscape in years. I screwed up the top of the column but I like the grass and tree whorls. I'm like an autistic except I think machines are boring and ORGANISMS are neato.

Hee hee, organisms.

This guy is basically a penis joke. His name is "Droopy Loupe" and he hates furry fans. I mean, who doesn't?

A drunk duck. Soon after I drew this, I discovered there was a webcomic hosting site called Drunk Duck. Bastards.

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